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Who We Are

As an Officiant of weddings and other ceremonies all spiritual paths are honored. My deep compassion and insight will support you through the planning of your ceremony. This is your special day. Relax and enjoy the magic of this important occasion.

Rev. Anne B. Schmitt is an ordained New Thought Religious Science Minister.

An excellent wedding ceremony, takes an official who is both professional and flexible. Just coming out to satisfy the legal requirement and doing a run of the mill ceremony is not what Rev. Anne is about. Your wedding officiant sets the tone for the whole wedding and they can make or break your ceremony. Although ceremonies are not necessarily long in physical time, they should be very powerful and set the foundation for your marriage together.

My Pledge to You

Each ceremony I officiate is unique and personalized to reflect those standing before me. I believe the ceremony is as important as every other component of your special day and the words used should be meaningful to you.

I pledge to support you through the planning of your ceremony with compassion and insight. Be it a simple, intimate gathering or a large, elaborate affair, the same care and concern is always provided.

15 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Officiant     

  1. Offers a Complete Wedding Kit to help you craft a personalized ceremony.
  2. Available for Continued Phone and Email Consultations.
  3. Knows How to Take Care of Unexpected Last Minute Details.
  4. Provides a Wedding Rehearsal to ensure all know their part in the ceremony.
  5. A Stress-free Wedding.
  6. Confers with the venue’s Wedding Coordinator to ensure a fine seamless ceremony.
  7. Discusses photo opportunities with the Photographer.
  8. Confirms with the D.J. regarding Processional/Recessional and shares Order of  Ceremony.
  9. Plans a Detailed Processional with the couple offering a myriad of options.
  10. Suggests Special Ways to Include Parents or Children in the ceremony.
  11. Has a Final Review Meeting, in person, to go over every detail of the ceremony so the Bride and Groom can confidently enjoy their wedding day.
  12. Offers Skills to Keep you from being overcome with emotional during the ceremony.
  13. Can Manage the Unexpected in a Professional Manner.
  14. Knows the Legalities and Fees to Obtain your Marriage License depending upon State.
  15. Provides Wedding Tips to ensure you enjoy the process of getting married


Rev. Anne is Committed to Excellence as a Wedding Officiant and Religious Science Minister. As an experienced Wedding Officiant she has the skills to help you to have a stress-free wedding.  

The essence of your ceremony will last long after the day is over.  The ceremony is the heart of your marriage.  The words chosen and how they were spoken will embrace your hearts and nourish your love forever

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